production capacity

company capacity


Our products are manufactured with RoHS-compliant components. And has its own RoHS testing machine.

our monthly capacity of 10W guitar speakers exceeds 100,000 units. Automatic production equipment: placement machine, reflow soldering machine, wave soldering machine, winding machine.

our factory is equipped with its own generators, we can ensure that the production is not affected during the busy season.

work environment

Every office and dust-free workshop uses a central air-conditioning system to provide a comfortable working environment for all employees.

high quality products

We adhere to strict quality control standards and produce UL, CUL, CE certified products. Our customers also value our integrated ISO 9001:2000 certified production.

We implement a double-guaranteed quality control system. In addition to the uninterrupted inspection of the production line, there is a separate quality control department that conducts strict final inspections before each shipment. In this way, we ensure that only high-quality products are provided to our customers.

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