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Little Dolphin Music and Art School (Jinyin Lake Campus) was established in 2019. It is a comprehensive music and art education chain school dedicated to professional music education and curriculum system research and development. Each teaching department is equipped with professional music classrooms, performance halls, and modernization Teaching facilities and excellent teaching staff.

in recent years, through continuous exploration and practice, the school has set up a variety of characteristic teaching modes according to the characteristics of music learning groups and combined with the actual situation: especially for children's music education, we have injected the more mature teaching concepts of Orff, Kodayi, Suzuki and Croz into the teaching system, leading the new direction of modern music education.

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small dolphin gold and silver lake campus:

work environment

Admission Conditions:Children over four years old and adults of different ages who have a strong interest in music and have certain musical literacy can enter school.

Admission Time:Saturday, Sunday all day and weekday afternoon, evening.

Sources of teachers:art colleges and universities undergraduate, graduate students, senior teachers and visiting professors. Each teacher has received various professional music training and strict selection of teaching ability.

Learning Progress:music major is guided by the compulsory teaching materials of major music colleges in China, and the courses are arranged according to the age and degree of the students.

examinations, competitions and performances:The school will arrange professional examinations in time according to the level of learning, and regularly organize art activities of different scales and competitions and performances of various levels according to the syllabus.

Regular Concerts:teaching results special session, teachers and students special session, grade examination special session, works and music special session, multi-hand joint play special session, parent-child special session, etc.

Registration Method:Students or parents can observe the teaching and test class, and then the school will arrange the teaching.


Instrumental music and dance courses Music Foundation Courses
Exquisite Course Children's Music Enlightenment Class
Music Literacy Class One to One Course
grading class Music theory, listening, sight-singing lessons
adult crash course

Music Art Class Pre-exam Tutoring

(prepare for the examination of major art colleges affiliated primary school,

affiliated high school and undergraduate professional courses)

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